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July 26th, 2015 Latest Updates

Special Crazy Promotion

Get both The Best Carl Miller and Traffic Ticket Package for $19.95 for a few more days!


Traffic Ticket Package

Do what over 7,000 of our clients have done with the Beat The Court Traffic Ticket Package. This simple 3-step process will have you on the way to a ticket dismissal. No Fines, School, or Points, they're Gone! 

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Best of Carl Miller

The Best of Carl Miller

Over 5 hours of Carl Millers Best MP3's Completely downloadable, including a free, RARE Bonus interview that is seldom heard!  You will also receive additional free bonus material.

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Stop the Collections!

The simplest and most complete way to get Collection Agents off your back. Don't take their bullying, you have rights as a consumer. Remember, they are NOT there to help you.

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